A Chimney Sweep
Fairbanks, Alaska

Charles Whitaker, owner
(907) 479-3325

Your safety is our number one concern

As a longtime member of the Fairbanks community, I take pride in providing you with excellent service.

My company specializes in cleaning many types of chimneys, from wood stoves and fireplaces to furnaces and boilers. 

 When needed, we can waterproof persistent leaks, replace chimney caps and do minor repairs.  Of course, we always do our job with an eye for safety, searching for any abnormalities that might compromise your safety and well-being.

Over the years we have prevented countless homes from catching fire, and saved lives in the process.

Chimney sweeping is the easiest and safest way to prevent chimney fires and/or buildup of deadly carbon monoxide gas due to blockage in the flue.

Our business is open year-round with the busiest months being August to November.  If you can plan ahead, consider scheduling for a spring or early summer cleaning.

Be assured that whenever you call, we appreciate it, whether meeting you for the first time, or seeing you once again.

Remember, it is always better to be safe than sooty!

A Chimney Sweep - Chimney Cleaning Services


More than 35 years servicing chimneys in the Fairbanks and North Pole area.


No matter the job, we do the finest work at the fairest rates.


Chimney sweeping. Be proactive!

Don't wait 'till it's too late!